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QR Code-based Menus Aren't New

QR code-based menus have been around for more than 10 years Their adoption has escalated through and after the pandemic. QR code-based menus are touchless menus that anyone with a smart phone can scan to access and order from your food menu.

Why Your Restaurant Needs QR Code Menus

No matter the size of your restaurant, you will certainly benefit from adopting QR code-based menu.

There are many reasons you might want to consider bringing us on board to make you go digital.  With QR code menus, you will see increase efficiency, cost-saving and revenue-generating benefits for your restaurant business.

Here are just some of the benefits in efficiency & profitability of using QR code-based menus in your restaurant:

How QR Code-based Menus Work
  • With a QR code menu, diners scan a QR code with their smartphone cameras to access the online digital menu we created for you;
  • Now your guests can browse your offerings and place their online orders without delay. We also attach a secure payment system to your online menu.
  • Now your diners can order while waiting in a long line at your restaurant, at the table, the office, or anywhere you’ve placed your QR code-based menus.
  • There are no apps for your diners to install! Once they scan your QR code on your menu or table tent, the touchless menu is visible immediately on their devices!
  • While some restaurants offer touchless menus as a simple replacement for a paper menu, with orders made with a server at the table, our powerful digital menu software tools have added more advanced features, such as pre-ordering before diners arrive at your restaurant, ordering through the digital menu, and payment processing.
11 Benefits of QR Code/Online Menus Over Printed Menus
  1. Huge cost savings over printed menus. No more dead trees!
  2. Printed menus are yucky because the same menu can pass through dozens of hands daily without being sanitized.
  3. Reduce order wait time. Our QR code menus offer ordering capabilities, your diners can order as soon as they’re seated at your restaurant or they can do pickup online orders anywhere from their smartphones. Because we can add payment features to your site, this creates even greater convenience for your guests, especially during the rushed lunch-hour period.
  4. Operationalize your processes and make it easier for your guests. Have different menus based on different criteria you establish–for example, your guests can easily access your breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner menus.
  5. Turn tables at lightning speed! More efficient service results in faster table turn times. QR code menus that include both an ordering system and bill pay capabilities reduce the idle time guests spend at the table waiting to order and waiting for the server to present the bill and then process the payment.
  6. Another efficiency point digital menu has over printed is you can update your menu at any time without the cost of sending it to the printers. QR code menus enable you to easily adjust pricing, change menu items, or add and remove dishes across multiple locations. Just call us and we will do it all for you.
  7. Move perishable products. Ever wanted to create last-minute specials to move perishable products? The ease of making changes to a QR code menu allows you to reduce food waste by adding specials to quickly sell inventory that’s approaching its expiration date.
  8. We can help you improve ordering accuracy. QR code menus can reduce wasted food because it minimizes ordering miscommunication and errors.
  9. Metrics. Once we set up your online restaurant and the orders start flying in, you’re going to have tons of data about your customers, data that used to belong to DoorDash and those other out-of-towner big companies.
  10. You will understand your customers’ ordering habits, including how and when they interact with your business, and which menu items are their favorites. Trackable data from your QR code menu includes the customer’s location, time scanned, and operating device, enabling you to combine your menu promotion with other marketing efforts.
  11. Increase revenue. There’s a labor shortage going on, all operators are looking for ways to create labor efficiencies. QR code menus can enable you to manage in-house dining with fewer servers.  Whenever you can, eliminate phone and counter orders, instead requiring that orders be placed online or through the QR code menu.
How/where to Promote Your QR Code Menus

Placement of your QR code menus runs the gamut. Here are some places and methods we suggest to promote their use:

  • Hostess station
  • Table tents
  • Window facing outward
  • Business cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Restaurant walls
  • Restaurant door
  • To-go packaging
  • Google My Business profile
  • Your website
  • On-site TV screen
  • On the disposable Printed menu
  • Payment receipt
  • Reservation confirmation emails
  • Local weekly coupon books

Online Pickup Orders

We Bring You Direct Website Ordering Technology

Allow your customers to order online and easily pick up their orders without clogging your phone lines or taking up space in your lobby. Increases revenue & efficiency within your establishment.

Why You Need Our Direct Website Ordering System
  • No learning curve for your diners. Digital ordering technology is also incredibly user-friendly. Most people already know how to use direct website ordering tools through mobile apps and websites, so you don’t have to worry about alienating people by introducing these to your restaurant’s customers.
  • Anyone with a smartphone can easily take advantage of this online ordering service. What’s more, because this technology integrates seamlessly with your current POS system, your staff will also find the technology highly user-friendly.
  • Our technology is also tailored to your specific brand and service offerings, allowing a customizable approach to letting customers order online.
  • Enhance Automation, and increases efficiency without losing out on sales. You or your staff will immediately be notified of incoming orders via email, which will allow you to properly track each step of the fulfillment process. This means you also won’t have to increase your cashier staffing numbers to fulfill those online orders or deal with clogged phone lines.
  • Advance Ordering is here! From your customer’s perspective, being able to order food in advance can be a huge attraction to your restaurant. You can easily curb office mealtime rushes by encouraging mobile and online users to order ahead of time, ensuring guests don’t have to wait when it comes time to pick up their orders.
  • One way our automated technology simplifies ordering, for example, is that if it takes 20 minutes to make an order once it’s been placed, the direct website ordering system will automatically set the pickup time to 20 minutes from the ordering time. This gives your staff more control over how to tackle orders in the timeliest manner possible.
Professional Email

Order notification comes via email and a loud ping sound. You get a professional email address where all your online orders and communications will be centralized. We partnered with Amazon and thus you’ll get the most secure and powerful email system in the world.

Increase Profit

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