Our children

we have naturally gifted children. Meaning we created an environment in which whatever they nature predisposed them to follow as they grew older, we simply encouraged them to pursuit those endeavors.

However, we also created a set of expectations where they’re given the latitude to start making decisions, and to choose.

Being gifted and making choices are two different things.

A person who, for whatever reason, is inclined towards math, can suddenly reach a certain age where they just stop caring about math and go on to other pursuits.

Not having a mind for math and choosing to work on it where you master it is a daily/hourly choices you have to make.

The B & C Students

In hiring, all other factors being equal, I usually gravitate towards the B & C students. Because the A students always seemed more entitled to me. I felt that they wouldn’t hard enough for me because their ego would always be an obstacle to their growth.

B & C students are hungrier and more grateful for getting the opportunity to excel. More times than not, their grades reflected other priorities out of school that made it harder for them to get better grades. Single moms or dads who also is an A students make the best employees.

Where are you going with this, dude?

Far be it for me to quote Jeff Bezos:

We all get to choose our life stories, and it’s our choices that define us. Not our gifts.
You can only be proud of your choices, because those are the things you are acting on.